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Corgi and fairy 2 by sandara dbzmm3b-pre

Corgis are beautiful woodland beasts that are known to be trustful companions. When they decide to show loyalty, they do so with an undying love for their friend, and a floofy tush to wiggle them forward at high speeds.

Most well known as mounts for Fairies (see picture on right) (see also Chicken, the Corgi is a fiercely loyal friend to almost any that show care in return.

The Corgi as a Battle Companion Edit

The Corgi as a Pet Edit

The Corgi as Food Edit

"Don't get Gru'ug started on yummy fluff nugget! Can cook many ways! A lot of ways pretty easy, too! Sometimes have cute armor and tickle dust on them!" - Gru'ug, Big Cook to Chief Bragg

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